aiTTee, your complete digital workplace

With aiTTee, Timothy and Thomas developed a complete, safe and user-friendly package for SMEs. The platform includes backup, IT licenses, security, etc. This means that every employee has access to the entire work environment with 1 login.

With multiple layers of security, aiTTee is also a very strong system that also protects company and customer data against hacking attacks, data theft through a stolen device and so on. With continuous optimization of the platform and a strong after-sales service, we remove the headaches and make teams more efficient in their daily activities. In this way we support companies in their growth.

The benefits of aittee

Peace of mind

A complete package with 1 login for company data regardless of the software system used. That means 1 access for every employee and full control for you.


All customer and company data on the platform are protected and you always have a full backup in the cloud. We don’t give hackers a chance and give your customers complete peace of mind.


aiTTee merges all complex administration and structures on a user-friendly platform, including licensing and IT. With 1 point of contact for all your questions.

Why do SMEs choose aittee?

Success story

Customers generally choose for its flexible productivity tools and cloud services. Employees can collaborate seamlessly via apps such as OneDrive, Teams and Outlook.

A success story that illustrates the benefits of is that of a healthcare company. They improved efficiency with Doctors easily shared patient data regardless of their location. Reduced IT costs and strengthened their security. This is how streamlines business operations and optimizes performance.

What does your digital workplace do?

  • Securing customer and company data
  • Central license management
  • Store data in Cloud
  • Discover all the benefits

Your partner for a safe, digital workplace is a passion developed by Thomas and Timothy. IT has been crawling through our bodies all our lives. IT has evolved significantly in recent years, so our motivation is even greater to help entrepreneurs with this. ​


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